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Right off the bat, there is one thing you should know about me. I commute…..far.

I split my time between a home in the piedmont of North Carolina and a home in the Connecticut River valley. I spend a week to ten days every 4-6 weeks in the CRV and the remainder of the time in the piedmont. I do this because my relationships and my family are the central value in my life and this is what needs to happen in order to sustain them. The other thing you need to know — right off the bat — is that this part of my life is not open for debate or critique. It’s the basis that makes the rest of my life happen and make sense.

For awhile now it’s been a challenge to me to understand how I could live a sustainable (or more sustainable) life given this reality of traveling on a very frequent basis. Moving away from airplanes and into a car was one step. That reduced cost, possibly reduced my carbon footprint, but most importantly gave me space. I began bringing more and more stuff with me with every trip. Still, the packing was pretty random until I made the conceptual leap away from the idea that I needed to pack up and shut down one home in order to travel to the other.

What I came to understand finally was that living a sustainable life is a system and a system can’t be shut down and started up over and over — at least not with any degree of grace and efficiency. The next piece was understanding that while a system couldn’t handily be started and stopped it could, with foresight and planning, be moved around. Except, of course, the garden.

Then I considered the idea of containers. While I have a modest, raised bed vegetable patch in the piedmont I thought it was important — perhaps symbolically but also tangibly — to have green growing produce with me at all times. So, I placed an order with Seed Savers Exchange for the seeds of my three favorite and most used culinary herbs (oregano, rosemary, and basil). I planted my seeds in three re-purposed individual yogurt containers and when the time came to migrate north, I nestled the three containers in a plastic dishpan and placed that on the floor in the back of the car. These three herbs signify to me the hope and the commitment to maintaining my system, my life, my home as one continuous unit.

If you’d like to be a part of that journey, welcome.


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