Traveling Day

May 28, 2008 at 11:12 am Leave a comment

It’s a crisp and cool early Spring morning here in the CRV and I’m not overly enthused over the prospect of venturing south into the beginning of Summer today.

One of the striking and interesting side benefits of this slightly nomadic lifestyle is the ability to visit and re-visit seasons. A year ago March, I spent the morning digging my car out of a 15 inch snowfall and ended it listening to spring peepers filter in on the balmy spring air outside my bedroom window. That was not a bad transition. I don’t hold out the same hopes for today.

But today I am much less stressed about the process. I have a running list that I keep in a word document on my laptop to help me remember what I’ve carried and what needs to return with me. It has sections for clothes, books & needlework projects, kitchen gear, dry goods, gardening supplies, food for the cooler, and miscellaneous items like the llbean boots I use to hop out at rest stops and the old pair of moosehide slippers that I use for driving…and my herbs.

Lately, I’ve discovered books on CD borrowed from a piedmont library. That makes the tedium of driving a little less.

But most of all this morning I’m grateful for the yawning ordinariness of this day to me. Instead of feeling sad to be leaving the CRV or urgently thrilled to be returning to the piedmont, I’m content to focus on my driving day and make a good day of that.


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