Home in the Piedmont

May 29, 2008 at 10:35 am Leave a comment

The driving day went fairly well. An accident on the highway just south of DC stretched my normal 11.5 hour commute to 13 hours and left me with a very trapped feeling surrounded on all sides by cars that wouldn’t move. It was a real blessing to have an engrossing book on the CD player.

But apparently being stuck in traffic saved me from driving through a storm. When I got to the piedmont house, the air was fresh and cool — filled with the scent of a rain I didn’t have to drive. The dog was glad to see me. I was tired and hungry but I was able to pull together a quick dinner from leftovers I had brought back with me. I unloaded the car, unpacked the cooler, settled the herbs on their piedmont windowsill and dropped an email to DP to let her know I’d arrived safely. Then I called it a night. Although I generally sleep very soundly on the firmer mattress in the CRV house, I will say that the pillowtop mattress leftover from a more indulgent past felt pretty good last night.

This morning I’ll spend in the office. I have to arrive smart early to set up some demonstration software for the recruiting system on the boss’s boss’s computer. Then I have to leave around noon to stop by the grocery and get over to pick up the kid at school. I’m looking forward to seeing him.


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