Water Problems

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I think a problem with trying to figure out how to acquire the lost skills of sufficiency (at least for me) is that it’s difficult to determine when to yell ‘Mayday’. Or to put it another way, when to call the dang plumber.

For longer than I should have let it go, I’ve been trying to figure out a problem with the roof. Since I have a bit of an issue with heights it’s not that I’m planning to patch it myself. But since the entire roof needs to be replaced I’ve been working up my nerve to insist that the roofer I call upon simply patches the leaking place rather than tearing the whole thing out and starting over. Is it just me or is it getting harder to convince repair people to repair things rather than simply replace them? Anyhow, I’ve been avoiding dealing with the roof while I figure out the human dynamic of being stern with the roofer and also begin the budgetary process of saving for the eventual re-roofing. Perhaps unhelpfully the leak is directly over the bathtub and somehow I’ve managed to convince myself that makes it less pressing. No, I don’t really see that logic either. I’m just reporting.

This weekend I did make it to the point of climbing up on to a ladder (for me a big deal) and surveying the roof. I didn’t see — as I had feared — missing shingles and a big old hole. What I did encounter was a big mass of pine straw in a valley area of the roof. I had the hope that perhaps large rains had just been backing up on account of the blockage and if I removed it perhaps that would solve it. That didn’t end up being the hopeful case, but at least it got me started moving on dealing with a solution. Yesterday afternoon when a huge line of thunderstorms moved through the area, I scrambled up to the attic to see if I could spot the leak. At first, I couldn’t and I was very hopeful that the problem was amended. But when I went to double-check on the bathroom there was a persistent drip from the ceiling. At least this gave me a very specific area to study in the attic. I needed a flashlight to pick the spot out from a shadow cast by a rafter. The good news, I guess, is that it is not by any means a huge leak. I got an old garbage can lid under it to catch the water. Now I just need to screw my courage up to call the roofer. A complicating factor on that is that I have a very short turn-around time between trips this month. The Teenager’s play was re-scheduled forward by a week which led to a chaos of single-parent re-arrangements and so I offered to come up and provide taxi service. I agree it’s not smart to allow teenagers to drive on their own but I can sure see how it happens :). The long and short of it is that I’m back to the CRV a week from today and that’s probably not enough emotional time for me to comfortably call on and deal with a roofer. But I’m closer at least.

A few months back, I spent a whole Saturday replacing the aging innards on the toilet in the main bathroom. I didn’t realize it before I started, but that ended up requiring me to separate the tank from the base of the toilet in order to replace the seal between them as that was the part that was mainly failing. I was amazed and impressed that everything fit back together leak free. Well, somewhere during the time I was off to the CRV last week one of the bolts securing the tank decided to spring a leak. I came back to a wet floor in there and it’s getting worse. I have an old spagetti sauce jar under the leak and a folded towel on the floor catching spills. But this is something that needs to be addressed soon. I scared myself reading about replacing wax rings yesterday afternoon. But taking a good look at things I at least have the hope that what I thought was leakage around the base of the bowl is simply water from the errant bolt sliding down the smooth porcelan to the floor. So I’m going to try draining the tank, pulling the bolt and re-seating it using some plumber’s putty on the connection this time. I’m putting that off until tomorrow afternoon in the interests of education as I feel comfortable enough in doing that project to have it be a joint venture with the Kid. If that stops the leak, that’s good. And if it turns out to be the wax ring after all, then I’m looking for a plumber.


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