Fishing Rodeo

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Across the road from the Kid’s elementary school, there is a very nice farm that has been owned and managed by the same family continuously since the 1700s. The holding was, at one time, considerably larger. But the remaining piece is a nice mix of pasture and woods with a pond. The farmer has a small herd of Angus cattle. I’m not entirely sure of their ultimate fate. It’s a breeding herd as there are annually new calves on view. And the herd does not expand exponentially so I’m assuming that some animals are sold off. But this farmer, as far as I know, has not joined in on selling pasture-raised beef directly to consumers although it seems clear he could do so if he wished.

Since I moved to the piedmont house in 1992, I’ve been driving past that farm several times a week. The kid learned to identify those four-legged creatures munching grass as ‘Cows’ while riding past that field and we both still shout out ‘Cows!’ whenever we see them grazing the fields. Usually that is in the spring and the fall as in the high heat of summer the cows usually congregate under the shade of trees — at least at the times we are driving past there.

Along with the arrival of the new calves another annual event at the farm that has filled me with pleasure has been observing the setup and take-down surrounding the fishing rodeo. This is a community event sponsored by a couple of park&rec departments, fish&game, and the farmer — who donates the use of a field for parking and the pond for fishing.

This year, for the first time, the Kid and I are going to participate in the rodeo and coincidentally set foot on the farm for the first time ever. All this week when we would drive past the farm on the way to or from school, the Kid pointed across the road and announced, “That’s where I’ll be on Saturday.” Last night, I went shopping to outfit him with a simple rod/reel, tackle and a small tackle box. After a very successful pier fishing trip to the beach in early May, the Kid and I have plans to fish the local rivers and lakes over the summer.

Can you tell I’m looking forward to this? 🙂


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