Landing on my Feet

June 9, 2008 at 12:16 pm Leave a comment

The pack-up/drive/un-pack thing is starting to settle into the realm of the routine. I finally stopped at a fruit stand in the Maryland mountains that I’ve been eyeing for a few trips and scored a whole big box of last year’s apple seconds for $6. I’m thinking that drying those apples might be the way to go with them. The DP hates hot weather and we are experiencing a heat wave here in the CRV. So, she has banned indoor cooking of any kind. I’m going to set up a camp kitchen on the back deck later today.

The CRV house can be very, very cold in the winter. It’s not insulated too well and is hard and expensive to heat. But it’s built to manage the heat pretty well. There are generously large windows with good cross-ventilation to let the cool air in of an evening and strategically placed shade trees. The upstairs — especially the attic — is a bit forbidding. But the first floor stays pleasant with just a little intermittent help from a window a/c unit.

My mission this week is to stay home with the Teenager, who is out of school for the summer, and ferry her to evening play rehersals while the DP manages a crush of office work. The Teenager and I have a bit of a prickly relationship and I’m hoping to move that in a more positive direction this week. So, we’ll see….


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