The rhythms of life

June 10, 2008 at 1:09 pm Leave a comment

Even tho I have the packing and driving part of my life pretty well routinized, it still takes me about a day to shift from the rhythms of the piedmont house to those here in the CRV. In the piedmont house even with the kid there only every other day, the place has a slightly male feel to it — calm, utilitarian, a little sloppy. I didn’t notice or identify it as such until I became aware of being buffeted by the high-level female energy here in the CRV. I don’t like to generalize and I’m not. But I can’t help observing and being aware is helpful in coping — at least to some extent.

Yesterday, the Teenager and I had a fun day — going to the movies at noon and having an afternoon water fight in the backyard. I made a stir fry on my front porch (more shelter than the back deck in case of storms) field kitchen before play practice and I had a tray of cold cuts and deviled eggs prepared for the DP when she made it home from the office. That all worked, but what didn’t was me. I got almost none of my own telecommuting accomplished yesterday.

So, this morning I had to insist that I have the morning clear for work and the Teenager is sniffing and sulking in the living room. Hopefully, she will cheer up when we go out to REI this afternoon to pick up a birthday gift for her sister and have a reprise water fight.

Today is supposed to be even hotter than yesterday so I’m planning pita, hummus and some cold salad items for all of our dinners. Tomorrow the DP is picking up the College Kid at the airport so I think the Teenager and I will walk down to the Center for our dinner. It’s a little tough working with the abbreviated day — having to fix a meal at 5pm sharp to get the Teenager fed before it’s time to leave for practice and then having something else on tap for the DP when she straggles in from the office.

I made a try at drying the apples yesterday but the DP brought them in with her from the deck reporting they had been beset with flies. I’d never really seen many flying insects here in the urban center, so I hadn’t thought that would be an issue. But I’ve decided that rather than trying to process the apples here in the CRV, I’m just going to store them in the basement and deal with them when I get back to the piedmont. I have to say that the texture and flavor is not spectacular. So, perhaps that is more of a $6 learning experience than a real find.


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