Cool Morning Air

June 11, 2008 at 12:13 pm Leave a comment

A thunderstorm blew through last night and has left the air pleasantly cool this morning. I’ve been able to open up the dining room to the breeze instead of cranking up the old window a/c unit to make life bearable for my laptop.

The view out the window into the backyard and the neighbor’s backyard and onto a side street represents what I find most appealing about an urban existence. It’s peaceful and green but also peopled. Necessary services are close at hand but not quite in your face. If there was a vegetable patch in the backyard instead of grass I might be pretty happy here.

But the reality is that my days are numbered in this place. This afternoon, the DP is driving down to NYC to meet the College Kid’s flight in from a semester abroad. They will be home fairly late. The Teenager and I have plans to go down to the Whole Foods and have pizza for dinner and then on to play practice. Tomorrow the College Kid and I will attend Dress Rehearsal and then the next day I’m back on the road for the Piedmont.

The Teenager and I have instituted a practice of having daily backyard water fights. It’s been a very refreshing way to pass part of an afternoon and we’ve both enjoyed it. It’s always hard to tell with her but it feels like we are getting a little closer. We’ll have to see if that really holds up through the summer and into the fall. But for now it, tentatively, feels like things are working okay.


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