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June 12, 2008 at 11:39 am Leave a comment

So, the girls are home. DP is off for a long day at work. It’s cool and pleasant and quiet. I’m very content.

Later today I’ll grill up some burgers with pastured ground beef I picked up last Saturday in the piedmont. I haven’t quite worked out if it still counts as local food. It seems like if it’s local to where I am when I purchase it, then it stays local even if I pack it into my cooler and transport it to an entirely different foodshed. But I guess that’s one of the challenges of this way of life. And the stuff I pick up in Maryland is a whole ‘nother issue. But, anyhow, we’ll have burgers slipped between whole wheat buns I baked up a couple of weeks ago. I haven’t had the opportunity to do any baking and very little cooking with the high heat earlier in the week.

We’re going to have to eat at an odd mid-afternoon lunch/dinner place to work out getting to the dress rehersal on time. The College Kid and I are going to attend that as neither of us will be around for performance weekend.

Next week, I’ll be taking part in Crunchy Chicken’s Golden Showers Party. It’s the first blog challenge I’ve signed up to participate in and I’m looking forward to it. Right now I only have two garden beds and some assorted herbs and flowers on containers around the porch. The basil is fine with hot, dry weather. So, it’s really only the zucchini that can probably use a bit of pampering. I have one more bed that I’m planning to plant to beans — maybe this Saturday.

Next year when I put the additional three beds I’m sheet composting at the moment into production I’ll have to work out some sort of irrigation scheme. I’m considering just biting the bullet and investing in a quality drip irrigation system and putting it on a timer. It is a challenge of the traveling life to figure out how to maintain a garden through frequent absences. But it’s not impossible and I will figure out how to make it work. In the last several years, the piedmont has been very hot and dry in the summer so figuring out the watering situation seems key.

And when I’m in residence, I can simply make my own “water” 🙂


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