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It’s 57°F! I slept with the window open last night! These things do not usually happen at the Piedmont house in mid-June. I suppose after making it through a couple of exceptionally hot days (and nights) in the CRV, there is some justice in being awarded such a cool and pleasant night here in the Piedmont. But it’s not like I expect equitable treatment from the weather. So, I am celebrating this as the rare gift it is.

Yesterday, after stopping off for my regular weekly trip to the Carrboro Farmer’s Market, I went out to the garden to weed for a couple of hours. The vegetable beds themselves were well-tended, but the weeds have been making some major inroads on the pine straw paths I laid down between beds. I need to rake up more pine straw and make a deeper covering. But first, I need to dispatch the weeds.

After some experimenting, I have settled to weed by hand — using no implement except my uncovered hands. I sit down and take my time with it. Sometimes I keep company with my own thoughts or listen to music or the radio. Yesterday, I was listening to Animal, Vegetable, Miracle on my ipod. In addition to discovering books on CD for the car, I’ve recently happened on the concept of purchasing books via digital download. The Hopp-Kingsolver family’s account of their year of raising most of their food themselves (and sourcing most of the rest of it locally) is a great accompaniment to chores, cooking, and gardening. It’s almost entirely the story of other people doing those same tasks and there is a certain fine camraderie in listening to people relating the story of their work while doing the same sort of work. It has often kept me going through fatigue. And that’s helpful.

Today I am home except for a dart out to a conventional grocery store and a drive across town to pick the Kid up from camp.


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