The Perils of Bare Feet

June 20, 2008 at 10:34 am Leave a comment

Yesterday afternoon, the Kid and I were out on the back deck scraping paint from the exterior woodwork on that side of the house. I had walked out there the previous night, enjoying the cool night air, when talking on the phone with the DP and noticed that the woodwork was in dire need of a new paint job. I thought it might be just the kind of project a 7yo would enjoy, so when I picked up some supplies at the Home Depot yesterday, I pulled a pair of flexible putty knives so we could each have our own. Even at this young age, the Kid is susceptible to the lure of the new tool :).

The scraping turned out to be a big job. We are going to have to put down a coat of primer prior to applying paint because we have scraped the woodwork down to bare wood over large areas of it’s surface. The project was going well. It was, indeed, the kind of work where the Kid could be a true and significant help. The weather was warm but not overwhelming.

At one point, the Kid took a break, went inside and came out with a beverage he learned about at a friend’s house — half seltzer water/half cranberry juice. A little while later, he went back inside and came out with a tall glass of the same concoction for me. Since the X left, my moments of being served anything by anyone have declined precipitiously. So having someone bring me a delicious, cool drink on a hot afternoon was quite a special pleasure. I thanked him very much, sampled some, and put the glass down on a built-in bench close to our work site.

As I was walking over to get another drink of my beverage, I managed to ram my bare foot into a large shard of wood that was sticking up out of the deck. I had noticed that, as well, while talking with the DP the night before. I don’t know why I hadn’t pulled it out then, but I didn’t. So yesterday afternoon, I ended up pulling it out from the space between my big toe and the next toe where it had pierced me about 1/2 ” deep. Fortunately, I had a fairly clean rag that I had been using to dust off paint chips in my back pocket. I pulled it out and got pressure on the wound that was bleeding very profusely. I sent the Kid off to fetch the first aid kit and once I got the bleeding stopped I was able to stuff some gauze into the space between my toes and wrap tape around my big toe to hold it in place. A little awkward but it seems to work. I reassured the Kid that I would be fine. Then I came in and called the nurse help-line of my health care provider to double-check on what I should do. She was very reassuring and said I just needed to clean it off, put on some antibiotic and come in the next day for a tetnus booster. That was pretty much what I thought — I’m a lifelong barefooter so this was hardly my first foot injury.

Then, because there was no one else to do it, I pulled the chicken I’d been roasting from the oven, prepared gravy and the rest of the side dishes and served our dinner.


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