One Pretty Local Supper

June 29, 2008 at 11:31 am Leave a comment

I am not formally participating in any of the One Local Summer activities. If you are signed up for that it includes a pledge to prepare one meal per week using all local ingredients with Marco Polo exceptions. That is, you can use spices and small items such as sailors or traders may have carried in their pockets.

So, I’m not participating in that challenge. But in concentrating on trying to source as much of my food locally as possible, I often come up with a meal that would qualify under the rules. Last night, after a hard and hot working day, I prepared a meal that was too good not to share.

Since the temperature was in the upper 90s, I elected to grill. I lightly marinated a boneless, skinless chicken breast and wrapped some corn up in foil. I got the charcol going. While that was resolving itself to coals, I tossed a green salad, made yogurt, and put three pints of blueberries I had picked earlier in the day into the freezer.

Then I took chicken and corn (and basting sauce) out onto the deck, sat back in my chair, and relaxed while my meal cooked itself over the fire. It was good eatin’

Chicken and garlic from Fickle Creek Farm
Corn on the cob and red bell pepper from Lee Farm
Tomatoes and cucumbers from Wild Hare Farm
Red-leaf lettuce and romaine lettuce from Hurtgen Meadows
Blueberries from Frog Pond Farm
Lemon juice, dijon mustard, olive oil, balsamic vinegar, salt and pepper from away.


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