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This morning I felt a little bit like I was setting off on a military operation with a host of separate cloth bags and a detailed list of purchases for my four shopping stops — farmer’s market, weaver street market, lowe’s foods, and home depot.

I spent by far the largest dollar amount at the farmer’s market. There I purchased lamb and some potatoes. It’s my habit to buy my meat primarily from Fickle Creek Farm at the Saturday Orange County Farmer’s Market and buy most of my vegetables on Wednesday at the Carrboro Farmer’s Market. I like Fickle Creek and I like to support them, but they are primarily a meat provender and the selection of vegetables and fruits at the OCFM is still pretty thin. I’ve been learning to stock up on meat offerings when they are available as — unlike a supermarket — it’s not always possible to get pork, chicken, beef, or lamb whenever the mood strikes. So, this morning I plunked down just under $40 for four lamb chops and a nice leg of lamb. I probably won’t do roast the leg until the weather cools down some — but now I have it.

My next stop was Weaver Street Market where I purchased some organic dairy items, some whole wheat pasta, and some organic, bulk pinto beans. This week I’m going to use a bit of ham I found when I cleaned out the freezer to make up a pot of my mom’s recipe pinto beans and gnosh on them through the week.

From Weaver Street, I moved on to the Lowe’s Foods mainly to get dog food. When I turned in some reusuable glass milk bottles and got a “green point” cash discount, my total bill came to $5.72.

Finally, I stopped off at Home Depot where I purchased supplies to repair (and expand) the clothes line and some primer for the window sill project. Then, I came home, unpacked everything and used the fresh, organic yogurt from Weaver Street combined with a pint of blueberries from Frog Pond Farm to make my breakfast.

It is certainly more complicated to shop this way than to casually “stop off” at the grocery store on the way home and pick up a few items. But sitting here I can palably feel a sense of rightness about these transactions. I had waited to do all my errands on this particular morning. I knew exactly what I needed and where to go to purchase it. The majority of my food spending stayed right in my community either directly to the farmer at the farmer’s market and via my local co-op. I got just what I needed and nothing more. My freezer is starting to look admirably well-stocked. My pantry is getting thinner and thinner in terms of available junky food.

It’s a transition but I feel like I’m past some critical mid-point and going ever more quickly in the right direction.


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