Walking the Dog

July 8, 2008 at 4:08 pm Leave a comment

One of the things I’ve been trying to do with my morning/afternoon outdoor work schedule is to be more consistent about taking the Dog for a walk.

Last summer, at 15 years of age, the Dog broke out of his chain link fenced yard, went a little nuts in a heavy thunderstorm and crossed a major road several miles distant from the Piedmont house. He was hit by a car, broke his hip in three places and almost certainly only lived because a couple of great people stopped and helped him almost immediately. He was lost as far as I knew for a couple of days. I found him at the local animal shelter. The people who picked him up had taken him to a vet and had x-rays done at their own expense (I later reimbursed them, of course) then the Dog was taken to the shelter and transferred to the emergency vet. Rather than just put him down, the docs at the emergency vet noticed that he seemed well-groomed and had a collar so they assumed he belonged to someone and gave him the care he needed that night. I found him and brought him home the next day. I boarded him at the vet for a week and then stayed home with him for another six weeks while he convalesced. He has a little stiffness and an odd bump on one hip where the bones didn’t heal back quite right but he’s remarkably agile. He has always been quite an active dog and I have a theory that just as human atheletes can recover quickly from major injuries the same may be true of dog atheletes.

The long term fall-out from this drama seems to be more psychological than physical. For one thing, it is absolutely impossible to keep this dog contained in any kind of fenced enclosure. I spent several months trying various combinations of things and finally resigned myself to allowing him free range outside and keeping him inside when I’m gone. Second, even tho he still loves to roam in the woods he will no longer venture into them without a human companion. So, while walking him isn’t a twice daily potty patrol for me as I can simply let him out for that it is something that contributes greatly to his happiness because it’s the only way he can get to the woods.

We are lucky in that we live adjacent to a several hundred acre section of private woods and are allowed access to that. So, it’s kind of like having a really, really big wooded backyard. Ever since I brought the Dog home as a puppy he and I have been doing the 1/2 mile circuit down to our creek and back. Lately, we’ve been doing it nearly every day and I’ve started taking my camera along. My goal is to take a photo of the creek each day from exactly the same spot to show changes over time.

This morning’s photo is here.


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