The Traveling Life

July 18, 2008 at 4:12 pm Leave a comment

For the last few days I’ve been living a truely nomadic life. My clothes, cooking gear, cooler, and office gear are all packed and loaded into the car as the DP and I drive around the CRV visiting the various summer camps in her charge. If I have a picnic table in the shade and a good wireless signal I’m good. Sometimes that happens and sometimes it’s less than ideal.

So far I’ve had the chance to track down one of the farm stands on my extensive farmstand list. After much effort I found the place only to be told that they were not up and running at this point. I’m not sure when farm stand season begins if mid-July is “still too early” but oh well. By happenstance I passed a more commercial operation and got some nice cherries, peaches, and tomatoes.

Tomorrow, we’re going to cross the mountains and spend the day in the Hudson River Valley. Perhaps I’ll have better luck in that watershed. The weather has been gorgeous. It’s perhaps not the way I’d like to live my entire life but for a few days, it’s been an interesting and refreshing change of pace.


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Driving Barefoot A Whirlwind Week

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