What a Difference….

October 12, 2008 at 8:46 pm Leave a comment

A day makes, as they say.

We went to Vermont and spent the night at a really pleasant bed & breakfast.  And that was the last good night I had.  In some ways, that was the last night of a certain phase of my life.  Or so it seems from here.

The next day I started having very severe stomach distress.  This had been a problem that had plagued me on and off for a few months so I wasn’t overly concerned.  It usually resolved itself within a few hours, at most a day, at the very outside 24 hours.  One day turned into two, into three.  On the third night I had bad chills and was a little delirious.  But then the fever seemed to break and I woke up feeling perfectly fine.

By the afternoon, I was on the phone to the DP seriously considering a hospital.  I had a ten minute wait at the ER in the small-town hospital we choose, then was examined, admitted and prepped for surgery in a remarkably small space of time.  Seriously.  Think under one hour from pulling up outside the ER to being under the knife.  Apparently, it had been just almost too late (but not quite) to pull my old, ratty gall bladder out without a major amount of trouble.  The surgeon kept me dosed up on antibiotics over the weekend — this happened on a Friday — and I was released back into the wild on Monday around noon.  I was in the CRV for a week longer than I had planned to be and even at that took the trip home in three easy days of driving rather than one marathon 12-hour stint.

The DP and I did manage to thread through tropical storms and approaching hurricanes to enjoy a previously planned kid-free week in the U.S.V.I.  But in many ways that felt like nothing more than a coda on a life that had already been left behind.

Trying to pin it down, I’m not sure where to assign the cause.  Surely, when my needs went head-to-head with camp and….lost that did tell me something.  On some level, it’s something I already knew but that didn’t make the news flash less jarring.  Then there was the hurricane-related gas shortage around here.  I never actually drove from station to station on a hope and some fumes as some did (according to news reports) but I did get really, really picky about filling up when my gas gauge grazed the half-way mark.  And I did get nervous.  I have bills, of course.  The ones I anticipated from the Caribbean and the ones I’m still awaiting from the hospital and surgeon.  But there’s more and it’s something that is striking me as undefinable.

Just a sense that here is where I am and here is where I need to be for awhile, for right now.  I need to put my focus on my home — literally my house — my health, my Kid.  I need to take a break from the roaming life.


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